Country: Suisse, Chavannes-près-Renens

Year of investment: 2020

Year of foundation: 2014

Theme: Efficacité énergétique


Astrocast is the leading satellite operator in Switzerland, deploying and operating a network of orbiting nanosatellites to provide a global telecommunications service for the Internet of Things (IoT). 

Founded in 2014, the company relies on unique know-how in the field of miniaturized satellites, but also on strategic partners to develop its revolutionary product: a tiny, low-power terminal offering highly secure and affordable two-way connections to any connected object in the world. 

Its scalable infrastructure of 100 satellites is entirely designed and assembled in its laboratories in Chavannes-près-Renens (VD – Switzerland) to ensure the lowest cost and best performance control. Astrocast collaborates with major players in the aerospace industry. The company is working hand in hand with the giant Airbus as well as the CEA in France to develop its electronic chips and secure data protocol, important elements of an end-to-end optimized IoT network. Emirates-based operator Thuraya provides the startup with global access to the most reliable and efficient frequency band for satellite-based IoT applications. 

Following its IPO on August 25, 2021, the company’s shares are now traded on the Euronext Growth market in Oslo.   

The share price can be followed via the following link: 


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