Investment themes

ONE CREATION is committed to the development of environmental technologies while seeking the most stable economic dividend possible for its partners. To this end, it invests exclusively in companies that are exposed to these technologies or can play an important role in their development.

Renewable energy 

All energy solutions from non-exhaustible natural sources.

Energy efficiency

All the processes, management systems, tools, products and services that enable a reduction in energy consumption. 

Sustainable materials

Materials which, because of their constitution or their particular function, can be substituted for existing, more polluting materials. 

Sustainable mobility

Low-polluting means of travel and other services or products that reduce the environmental impact of the transportation of people and goods. 

Waste management

All products, services and tools that either recycle waste, produce energy from it, reduce the production of waste or treat it in a way that reduces its impact on the environment. 

Water management

Products, services and tools that enable the efficient and sustainable management of available water resources. 


Any innovation that has the potential to reduce environmental impacts through the application of their products and/or services. 

Sustainable food and agriculture

All solutions that make it possible to reconcile productivity and limit the impact of the food and agriculture sector on our environment. 

How do we create impact with your investment?

For a minimum investment of CHF 10’000

Contribution to the development of the real economy

8 investment themes in environmental innovation

Compliance with sustainable development objectives

Holdings in unlisted companies

Support for innovation in young companies

Network synergy

All this without giving up on profitability for the investor


Investors wishing to subscribe to the ONE CREATION cooperative may be individuals, institutional investors, philanthropic foundations or NGOs, commercial companies, family offices or public authorities.

Family Offices

ONE CREATION is a long term project for the creation of a patrimony, without neglecting the need for an annual income.