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ONE CREATION is a cooperative company created in June 2010 to support the development of environmental technologies in a global and multisectoral approach. This commitment meets the conjunction of social, economic, and environmental needs.
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1 partner = 1 vote

Annual General Meeting with equal voting rights for all partners.


Audited and detailed annual reporting of investment activities and full cost transparency.


A diversified sustainable investment that provides access to listed and unlisted equity and infrastructure projects.

Investors Subscription Investment Unlisted companies Infrastructure Listed companies Revenues Dividends Positive impact on the environment

Enjoy an annual dividend

The objective of ONE CREATION is to bring a dividend to the partners. Each year, all the profits obtained are redistributed in the form of a dividend paid automatically into the partners’ current account.

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ONE CREATION’s annual report is transparent and complete. It contains the detailed annual accounts, the audit report, the various investments, the events of the year, the general presentation of the cooperative with its team, the impact investment philosophy, and much more!

ScaleUp Factory Creative Impact e-pitch sessions – 3rd December 2021 

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Aeris Cleantec AG, a ONE CREATION portfolio company, gets acquired by the leader in consumer robots iRobot

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ONE CREATION invests in Ecocascara, an innovative Lausanne-based company

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The partners of ONE CREATION obtain, in the medium and long term, a stable and growing income from the returns on its investments.

Positive impact on the environment

ONE CREATION is committed to the development of environmental technologies while seeking the most stable economic dividend possible for its partners. To this end, it invests exclusively in companies that are exposed to these technologies or can play an important role in their development.


An investor becomes a partner of ONE CREATION by purchasing a minimum share (CHF 10,000).

1 partner = 1 vote

Commercial companies

ONE CREATION offers a "label" for a commitment to sustainable and socially responsible economic development.

Public authorities

Becoming an associate means promoting environmentally friendly economic development and job creation.


ONE CREATION has a vision of accompanying the industry in full compatibility with the sustainability of pension plans.


Savings and their use are values that allow us to project ourselves over multiple time horizons and consider the creation of our own projects.

Water management

Environmental technologies in the field of water management enable efficient and sustainable water management such as desalination, distribution and treatment.

Waste management

Environmental technologies in waste management include all the products, services and tools that make it possible to recycle waste, produce energy from it, reduce its production or treat it in such a way as to reduce its impact on the environment.

Sustainable mobility

Low polluting means of travel or any other service or product that reduces the environmental impact of travel.

Environmental consulting

Represents all the management systems, tools and processes used to optimize the operation of activities.

Environmental chemistry and biology

Represents all the products, services and processes that make it possible, thanks to the engineering of chemistry and biology, to reduce the environmental impact caused by human activities.

New ecological materials

These materials which, by their constitution or their particular function, allow to replace existing elements which are more polluting.

Energy efficiency

This sector covers all processes, products and services that reduce energy consumption.

Renewable energy 

They represent a set of diversified channels whose implementation does not lead to the disappearance of the resource used for energy production.


Investors wishing to subscribe to the ONE CREATION cooperative may be individuals, institutional investors, philanthropic foundations or NGOs, commercial companies, family offices or public authorities.

Listed companies, Unlisted companies and infrastructure projects.

ONE CREATION’s portfolio is invested in three types of sustainable assets: listed companies, non-listed companies and infrastructure projects.

Family Offices

ONE CREATION is a long term project for the creation of a patrimony, without neglecting the need for an annual income.

Philanthropic foundations and NGOs

The very purpose of ONE CREATION and its investment philosophy are in total alignment with those of a philanthropic foundation or NGO.


ONE CREATION invests in listed and unlisted companies and infrastructure projects in the following areas: environmental biology and chemistry, energy efficiency, sustainable mobility, ecological materials, renewable energies, environmental consulting, water management and waste management.


The income received by ONE CREATION derives from the economic activities of the companies and not from the financial engineering of their cash flow.