Any person, Swiss or foreign, may apply for admission as a member of the Cooperative by completing and duly signing the share subscription form provided for this purpose and thereby declaring that he/she accepts the Cooperative’s Articles of Association without reservation. The subscription form can be downloaded directly below according to your type of investor. 

The Board of Directors shall decide on the application for membership, which shall be validated and entered in the register of members only after the payment has been duly and fully made. 

The Board of Directors may make admission subject to further conditions or refuse admission without stating reasons. 

The number of partners is not limited. 

Why become a partner 

Savings and their use are values that allow us to project ourselves over multiple horizons and to consider the creation of our own projects. 

If there is no such thing as “zero” risk in terms of investments, the same is true for the Cooperative. Every investment offer on the market bears specific risks in terms of the risk level, income, interests and gains depending on the length of time they are held. ONE CREATION Cooperative allows you to build up your capital based on economic development. 

Becoming an associate of the Cooperative is not an act of saving in the pure sense of the word, but it is a commitment as a stakeholder and actor in the real economy, building up a share of one’s own wealth and receiving a return on investment in line with economic development. 

ONE CREATION Cooperative is an investor with a long-term view resting on the foundations of business creation, jobs, and dynamics in the field of “Research & Development” essential to the construction and evolution of our Society. 

Given that the Cooperative invests in the capital of both listed and unlisted companies, this means that the intrinsic value of a share may fluctuate negatively during a specific economic period and redistribute the returns on its commitment during other favourable periods. 

ONE CREATION Cooperative acts on several levels whereby through the redistribution of economic gains made (when the elements necessary for their realization are met), a partner benefits from a proven immediate return on investment.  


Download the subscription form herewith and return it to us. 

Send the signed subscription form by  email coninco[@], or mail to
ONE CREATION Cooperative, 
P.O. Box 240, 1800 Vevey (Switzerland)

Amount to be paid immediately to the following bank account of ONE CREATION Coopérative (Quai Perdonnet 5, 1800 Vevey Switzerland)
Account: 1406746-01 
IBAN: CH10 0483 5140 6746 0100 0 
Clearing: 4835 

You will receive a confirmation of your payment by mail together with a share(s) certificate.

If you have any questions and would like someone from ONE CREATION to contact you, please leave your details below. 

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Investors wishing to subscribe to the ONE CREATION cooperative may be individuals, institutional investors, philanthropic foundations or NGOs, commercial companies, family offices or public authorities.

Family Offices

ONE CREATION is a long term project for the creation of a patrimony, without neglecting the need for an annual income.