The first Swiss upcycled cola receives the innovation award at the SIAL in Paris

Ecocascara SA, an innovator in Europe in the use of cascara, the pulp of the coffee cherry, presents its flagship cola drink. This ecologically responsible drink is produced from dried cascara, which until recently was considered food waste. By creating this antioxidant-rich beverage with no added sugar, this new cola is becoming the go-to refreshment for discerning consumers.

The objective of Ecocascara, based in Lausanne, is to reinvent the world of “Soft Drinks” and other “Iced Teas” by relying solely on the use of coffee fruit residues. In 2022, they pioneered the opening of the European market to the commercialization of cascara-based infusions.

In keeping with a circular and committed economy, this drink with antioxidant and refreshing properties allows local coffee farmers to also process their waste, allowing them to generate a second income.

Fabio Bettinelli and Yves Currat, co-founders of the Vaud-based start-up, say: “One ton of coffee generates approximately three tons of cascara, a real ecological disaster! We then decided to work only with organic, environmentally friendly coffee growers to help them manage their finite resources.

This cola, which has already seduced Switzerland, is now setting out to conquer Paris.

Ecocascara SA is proud to have been selected by the independent jury of the show for its innovative cola based on its circular approach.


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