ONE CREATION is proud to announce that its management company CONINCO SA has been named Best ESG Investment Advisory in Switzerland for 2023

CONINCO is a B-Corp certified firm that’s committed to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2030. It has gained deep market experience and developed proven investment methodologies over the past three decades.

CONINCO specialises in investment advisory and asset management services for institutional, professional and private clients. It was launched to provide support for pension funds following the stock market crash of 1987. The Swiss firm is a signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment. It’s run by a multicultural and gender-balanced team of highly qualified and mission-driven professionals. They provide independent investment advisory to help clients future-proof their portfolios.

In 2010, CONINCO introduced an investment solution focused on environmental impact technologies, the real economy and entrepreneurship. It launched a 2011 fund to back global companies with proven financial strength and positive environmental impacts. In 2016, it introduced a sustainable fund focused on European companies that promises high dividends and defensive positioning during market decline.

The latest development in CONINCO’s line-up of ESG investment solutions is the eco-circularity tracker, which is designed to capitalise on connections between finance and the real economy. CONINCO has also partnered with its client PX Holding to ease any investor worries about the ethics of including gold in the portfolio. The partnership prioritises responsible mining processes and the traceability of gold assets. CONINCO is setting new standards for transparency, accountability and impact — leading the jury to declare it the 2023 award winner for Best ESG Investment Advisory (Switzerland).

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