Country: France

Year of investment: 2022

Year of foundation: 2016

Theme: Sustainable materials and cleantech


Founded in 2016, French company Woodoo develops augmented wood materials for the consumer, automotive and building materials sectors. Woodoo addresses a fundamental need for sustainability by creating new low-carbon footprint materials with countless applications, while supporting the development of the forestry sector. 

Woodoo has developed a technical process to remove the lignin from wood, which is largely responsible for its deterioration, and to improve its technical performance by replacing it with specific biobased filler components. 

Thanks to its multi-patented technology, the result is a durable material with the transparency of glass, the strength of metal or the suppleness of leather, depending on the desired application. 

Woodoo is the most awarded start-up company in Europe (41 awards), holds 44 international patents and has a potential order book of 2.1 billion Euros through 489 companies. 


Investors wishing to subscribe to the ONE CREATION cooperative may be individuals, institutional investors, philanthropic foundations or NGOs, commercial companies, family offices or public authorities.

Family Offices

ONE CREATION is a long term project for the creation of a patrimony, without neglecting the need for an annual income.