LE DRIVE TOUT NU raises €5 million to simplify responsible consumption and zero waste

The investment company ONE CREATION, based in Vevey, is proud to announce its new investment in the French impact company, LE DRIVE TOUT NU, the first zero waste and 100% responsible drive in the world.

The company allows customers to do their shopping online before being delivered or picking up their orders at one of their drives. The company offers consumers a 100% responsible range of more than 1500 products, chosen by a team of dedicated agricultural engineers.

The products are mostly local and come from a perimeter of less than 100 kilometers around the point of sale, sometimes free of organic labels but always cultivated/raised/processed with sustainable methods allowing to offer a high-quality alternative at often more competitive prices.

The brand also differentiates itself by its commitment to zero waste and its pre-packaged products in reusable and returnable packaging in order to fight against the accumulation of plastic but also to reassure the customer about the concerns of hygiene and traceability that have increased dramatically since the crisis.


Investors wishing to subscribe to the ONE CREATION cooperative may be individuals, institutional investors, philanthropic foundations or NGOs, commercial companies, family offices or public authorities.

Family Offices

ONE CREATION is a long term project for the creation of a patrimony, without neglecting the need for an annual income.